Skilled personnel

Skilled and motivated personnel are a key success factor for government administration. The Government encourages continuous development of its employees by supporting training and the development of professional skills.

Professional competence is ensured at all stages of working life to meet job requirements, and development needs are reviewed with each employee in performance and development discussions.


Personnel training arranged or funded by the employer is mainly held during working hours. An employee’s independent training can also be supported on a case-by-case basis taking into account the needs of the agency in question. Paid or unpaid leave may be granted for studying, or working time arrangements may be possible.

Qualifications and further training for certain government professions are provided by the Government's own training units. These include the Police University College, Emergency Services College, Border and Coast Guard Academy, National Defence University, Army Academy, Customs School, and Training Institute for Prison and Probation Services. Some government employers may also have separate training and internship programmes designed e.g. for recent graduates.

Professional development and resource and expertise sharing are also supported by staff rotation.

Management is key

Good human resources management creates preconditions for government operating units to be productive, efficient and able to serve. Much focus is placed on the development of managerial skills.

As an employer, the Government tries to ensure that management positions in government administration are attractive and that there are qualified candidates available for these positions both outside and inside the Government.

Quality of working life

Changing working environments and developing technologies create new ways of working and new jobs also for the Government. 

The Government seeks to promote a work-life balance by, for example, increasing teleworking opportunities and flexibility of working hours. Well-being at work is supported and occupational safety is ensured by jointly developing a good working environment and a well-functioning work community.

Our employees consider important having an opportunity to influence society and their own work. Government employee satisfaction surveys show the importance of versatile, interesting and independent work tasks. Opportunities to develop and job stability are also appreciated.

Published 2014-11-12 at 12:58, updated 2021-12-13 at 15:51

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