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A service tailored to meet local government recruitment needs developed together with local government employers. The service has the details of a large number of vacancies in the local government sector everywhere in Finland, offers digital tools for applying for jobs, substitutions and short-term jobs, and provides information about working for the local government.

TE services
Public employment and business services.

Compilation of ”Other sites for jobseekers” maintained by the TE services
An online service produced and maintained by the Finnish National Agency for Education that offers information about programmes and services administrated by the Agency for experts working with internationalisation.
The site offers information about the Youth guarantee. You can also comment on the features on this site. The site is maintained by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health and the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.
A common address for public administration services for the citizens. Citizen’s accounts are also now part of The portal is maintained by the Population Register Centre.

Rules of working life (
Website is an integral part of Finpro, a registered association funded mostly by the Finnish Government. Finpro helps Finnish SME companies that represent a multitude of lines of industry and business. The aim is to help companies attract foreign investments to Finland, become more international in their line of work and, more recently, promote Finland as an attractive tourist destination to a world-wide audience. Visit Finland works closely with ministries, travel businesses, transport companies and Finnish regions. This cooperation involves research, product development and, above all, marketing of leisure tourism to Finland from abroad.

Office for the Government as Employer

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